Enjoying a Healthy Diet

In today’s fast paced society where we are all busy and always on the go, there is no shortage of fast food that can and does make our days a little easier. A fast food sandwich or a burger are both delicious and require minimal effort on your part. But they are a poor substitute for healthy, balanced foods. There are a great many benefits to eating well;

  • Increased energy
  • Improved immune system due to increased vitamin intake
  • Less chance of getting sick
  • Great for weight control
  • Improved mood
  • Overall better mental and physical health

It is not nearly as daunting or time consuming to prepare our own meals as we lead ourselves to believe. This way you can be sure what is going into each bite. It’s also a great skill to learn and will keep you busy when you might otherwise be idle. For further peace of mind it’s not too difficult to grow your own veg, salad and herbs, ensuring you’ll be eating the freshest food you can.

Don’t banish fast food forever, but look at healthier options rather than meat heavy, fatty choices. Avoid excess sugar, salt, fat as well as overly processed foods. Consider wild rice or wholegrain bread and pasta rather than their white counterparts. Seafood and fish are an excellent addition to your diet and have a wealth of health benefits. Finally, avoid overeating; a good hearty breakfast and a light lunch may be all you need if your working day is rather sedentary.

Drinking sensibly

You don’t need to stop drinking alcohol, but avoid binge drinking. Not only does this lead to a bad hangover and a dent in your wallet, it can lead to more serious health problems over time. Wine and craft beer can actually be beneficial to your health in moderation, so feel free to enjoy a glass at the end of the day. Freshly squeezed fruit or veg juice is a fantastic option along with smoothies, but try to cut out sugary drinks like coke. Excess sugar can lead to a range of diseases and prevents weight loss.