Get Active, Get Creative

A sedentary lifestyle will eventually spiral out of control and can lead to laziness, complacency and a lack of self worth. Life is short, do you really want to spend all your time watching other people living life on TV?

Getting active

The first step to a more active life, is to avoid over indulgence. As an example, casinos are a fantastic place to unwind, but they do tend to over feed and water their customers. To avoid getting caught in the trap, there are many where you can enjoy your favourite games without having to resist free food and drinks offers.

Many people think of exercise as all or nothing. Becoming more active can be started in small steps rather than jumping into a five day fitness plan. It can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or walking a little further each day, perhaps to the next bus stop instead of the nearest one. Indeed, one shouldn’t rush into getting active, make it enjoyable instead.

Join a local sports team, take up hiking with a loved one or give rock climbing a go. There are a great many options available these days. Think about foraging for wild mushrooms in the forest, it’s a great way to build up the miles while keeping your mind active.

Get creative

The human brain is capable of so much more than scrolling through endless images online. The ability to take raw materials and turn them into something beautiful is something every one of us is capable of to some extent.

Hobbies are a great way to break away from routine and do something you really enjoy. If you feel you don’t have any creative skills try something altogether new. Art classes, home brewing, woodwork, bow making, the list is limited only to your imagination. Don’t be afraid of failure, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be fantastic at something on your first attempt. Creativity and patience go hand in hand. If you don’t like your new hobby, try something else!