Mind Control – Four Tips and Tricks

Mind over matter is a term we’re all familiar with and while it sounds nice, it’s not always easy in practice. It can often seem as if your mind is constantly working against you. Dark thoughts and fears can quickly wash away anything positive in life if they’re allowed to manifest. However, you can take measures to conquer your mind and work in harmony with it.

Keep a diary

While many consider keeping a diary the pastime of teenagers, it can actually be an incredibly powerful tool in the battle of the mind. Keep it for your eyes only and write about everything and anything, no matter how irrelevant it seems. Doing this daily allows you to stop, reflect, listen and analyse. It’s also useful to go back over from time to time to see if you can spot any behaviour patterns.

Selective memory

It’s all too easy to drag bad memories up from the past and tuck the good ones away. Take a moment to sit and remember from time to time. Think of the bad times and create an image. Drain the colour away and shrink it until you can barely see it. Then think of a good memory and create a separate image. Fill it with colour, enlarge it so that it’s bright and visible. Do this regularly and make your bad memories small and insignificant.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Start exercising more often and consider setting goals, such as completing a 10k run by the end of the month. This is a great way to keep your mind active as you work up to your goal. The endorphins released during exercise will also improve your mood.

Talk to yourself

Everyone has self talk, the difference is how they talk to themselves. Stop and listen to your thoughts and think about the language and tone you’re using. Incorporate more positive words into this monologue, as well as in normal day to day speech. The mind is basically a computer that you can program over time. With a positive code or language, come positive thoughts.