Shedding Your Bad Habits

We’re all guilty of a few bad habits. It’s perfectly normal, but these bad habits shouldn’t be allowed to prevent you from being the best you can. First of all you need to really want to change. If you don’t want to shed your bad habits you will return to them time again. Be sure that the change is for you and not to satisfy someone else.

Be realistic

It’s essential that you are aware that it will not be easy to break habits you’ve developed over several years. Be realistic in your expectations and don’t expect instant gratification. Losing a bad habit will not instantly turn your life around, but it will certainly play a large part in doing so. Once you have conquered one bad habit you will know that you can conquer more.

Recognising your bad habits

Most people are aware of the majority of their bad habits, but some may be a bit more subtle. How do you react when things aren’t going your way or times are tough? Do you lash out at those closest to you? Recognise the bad habits you have developed as coping mechanisms and begin to work on these.

Blocking bad habits

With your bad habits identified, work out how you can limit them. Set up barriers that you will have to consciously overcome in order to retreat to your former bad habits.

For instance, if you find you’re spending too much money at casinos, restrict yourself to online gambling. You will still be able to play roulette online and other favourites, but you can set up automatic limits to prevent you from over spending.

Replacing bad habits

Find replacements for bad habits. These can be physical replacements or mental. Neuro linguistic programming can be useful for preventing you from reacting with bad habits in stressful conditions. Think of something that makes you laugh and anchor it to a simple movement such as rubbing finger and thumb.

Finally, reward your good work every now and then. Keep it small and simple and don’t rely on rewards alone to keep you going!