Three Key Focus Areas

On the quest to living a happier, more fulfilled life there are many challenges you will have to face. Sometimes you may feel down and you don’t really know why. When that happens it’s worth exploring the following three focus areas. Rate them on a scale of one to five and discover what’s really getting you down. When one is bugging you, it’ll soon drag the others down too.


Ask yourself if you’re satisfied with your job. Are you what, and where, you want to be in your professional life? Are you financially secure or is money a worry? People spend a huge chunk of their lives working, so it is worth earning a living by doing a job that you actually enjoy. This is not as hard to do as people think.

Love life

This refers to all your relationships, not just romantic interests. Do you spend enough time with friends and family? Are you in a happy relationship? Are you depressed because you’re single? Many people see relationships as some kind of saving grace and that once they find a partner their problems will be over. That’s a nice fairy tale, but real relationships are hard work and demand time and effort. Of course, the benefits are huge, but it’s not all easy and it shouldn’t be rushed into. Those who are obsessed with the idea of finding someone are less likely to find what they’re looking for. Enjoy the single life while it lasts and the one will come along when the time is right.


Are you worried about any medical issues? Do you wish you were fitter and healthier? How is your diet, do you eat too much junk food? Simply changing to a healthy, balanced diet can make a huge change. If you’re not exercising regularly, start by walking more and build up to more demanding exercises. Joining the gym isn’t for everyone, but there are other options. Partake in a new sport or climb mountains, go jogging in the woods, simply enjoy the world around you.