Your Voice

Deciding which therapist to choose is a very important step. Many of my previous clients have generously offered their feedback, specifically aimed at helping you make your decision.

Teamwork“The sessions and exercises enabled us to find new ways of expressing our feelings for each other and avoid misunderstandings. This has strengthened our relationship and enabled us to show our feelings in a way we have never felt able to before.” – Alice & Stu“


Imagine a ball of wool, unravelled and knotted, left aside as ‘too much trouble’; that’s what my life felt like until I met Annette. She has helped me unravel the wool and now I am creating a beautiful garment – me! I went in to meet her wanting to stand on my own two feet and I have achieved that using the tools given to me by Annette.” – Tia


“What a saving angel I found Annette to be when I needed it most. I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn’t found her. Just to have someone listen, not condemn, and say the feelings are normal, was such a relief. I have recommended her to many friends in similar situations.” – Clare


“Annette was completely non-judgemental and treated me as a whole human being rather than a ‘problem drinker’. For years I had been plagued by shame and self-loathing because of excessive drinking. Annette allowed me to dictate the pace of therapy and I gradually reduced the amount I was drinking. I am absolutely delighted with the outcome. I am in control, and as a result, I am happier, healthier and wealthier! I am also more confident because I am not constantly trying to hide my drinking. I can thoroughly recommend Annette. She made what I feared would be either impossible or a long and difficult process, very easy and actually quite relaxing. There is nothing to fear in therapy when it is carried out by someone as professional as Annette.”- Hayley